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CIMVHR Webinar 2013 - Issues in the Health of Military Personnel, Veterans and their Families

About Our Webinar Series

Started in 2012, the webinar, Issues in the Health of Military Personnel, Veterans and their Families, is an introduction to military, Veteran and family health research. The graduate-level course provides students with a foundation for health-related issues associated with experiences unique to military populations. It addresses health impacts during active service as well as the health issues of Veterans and their families. Specialists from across the country contextualize these unique experiences associated with military employment, current and down-stream health, and introduce theoretical considerations and methodological approaches in conducting applied health research among military populations. By the end of the course, students have a comprehensive understanding of the physical and mental health needs of current military personnel, Veterans and their families. Through empirical and clinical case studies, students are expected to identify those needs and apply their new knowledge and understanding of military and Veterans health to the issues presented.
This course is available as an elective to all graduate, auditor, and interest only students from CIMVHR’s university members across Canada. Issues in the Health of Military Personnel, Veterans and their Families is offered through RMCC as MPA 583 and through Queen's University as EPID 833.


  • Dr. Stéphanie Bélanger
  • Dr. Alice Aiken
  • Dr. Brenda Gamble
  • LCol Suzanne Bailey
  • Dr. Sanela Dursun
  • Dr. Alla Skomorovsky
  • LCol Markus Besemann
  • Dr. Jacqueline Hebert
  • Dr. William Mackillop
  • Dr. Ken Reimer
  • Dr. Iris Koch
  • Dr. Allan English
  • Dr. Jim Thompson
  • Ms. Mary Beth MacLean
  • Dr. Susan Ray
  • Dr. Tim Black
  • Dr. Dan Cox

CIMVHR Public Lecture: Rehabilitation - Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

Guest Speakers from the Veteran Transition Network
Dr. Tim Black, from the University of British Columbia and Dr. Daniel Cox, from the University of British Columbia